Player Guide To Turning the Lights on at Madera Vista

MV_Horizontal_View (1478K)
The Madera Vista Tennis Court has four NEW LED lights.

This is great when sunset is 7:15 pm +/- in the Arizona summer.
If you wish to play after dark in the winter, please contact Roger Philpott, the Tennis Club facilities Liaison, who will make the proper contacts within GVR to have the light timer adjusted.
Roger's phone number is on the GVR Tennis Club website

Please give Roger a few business days notice.
MV_Light_Timer_as_You_enter_the_court (158K)
MV Powerbox on NE Lightpost (3853K) The Timer is located on the North East Light post, just south of the Ball Machine cabinet.
MV Timer (4061K) On the North Side of the power box is a timer.
It looks like a 1 hour bathroom fan or light time.
Turn the timer to the amount of time you wish to use the lights.
The lights will need a few minutes to get to their brightest.

Remember, you will need to get off the court and these are the ONLY lights.
MV LED Light (344K) Look at the lights above your court. The lights take a few minutes to fully turn on.

After about 45 to 60 minutes - the Red light over the switch will start to blink.
You will need to advance the timer again, AFTER the blinking starts for another 45 to 60 minutes of light.

All lights will go out (remember the timer???) at 8:45 pm. When this happens the courts are pitch black! Unless there is a moon.

Plan ahead and collect your balls and gear before 8:45 - or use the flashlight on your cell phone to find your belongings.

Updated 6/10/2020 - jdo