On-line Scheduling Frequently Asked Questions

Green Valley Tennis Club's Online Court Reservation System for GVR Tennis Courts

Who will be able to use the online system?

Any Active Member of GVR may have an account to access the Online Tennis Court Reservation system. This includes Active GVR members and Tenants with a valid Tenant Card. GVR, the member and the Tennis Club must all use the same valid, unique GVR number for each member. Holders of Guest Cards, Volunteers, or Guests of Members will NOT be able to have an account on the system.

Do Tennis Club Members have a preference for reserving Courts?

NO! All users of the system are able to book ONE active reservation at a time, up to a maximum of 7 days out.

How do current Tennis Club members get access to the system?

Access to the Online Tennis Court Reservation system is a benefit of membership for Tennis Club Members. Since April 2014, new Tennis Club members must be an Active Annual or Tenant GVR Member. When individuals join the tennis club, their GVR Number is validated and they are emailed a Username (first+last+###) and a temporary password in April. We use the email in your Tennis Club account.

I don't ever remember getting a Username and password.
How do I find out what mine is?

Go to the Player Login Screen: http://greenvalleytc.tennisbookings.com

Click on the Forgot? Link

Enter the email address which the tennis club uses to send you information. - Click 'OK'.

You will be sent an email with your Username and a link to update your password.

If you share your email with another person who uses the Online system, you will need to enter your Username. But you don't know what it is, right??
Call Jon Otto (520-207-6456) or send him an email at Jon.Otto@gvtennis.com. He will have the system resend you your Username and temporary password to your email address on record.

If your Email address changes, tell the Treasurer/Membership Chair, Rey Otto (Rey.Otto@gvtennis.com).

How will new Tennis Club members get access to the system?

When a GVR Member joins the tennis club, the Treasurer adds your name to the database after verifying your GVR number with GVR. Your record includes an email address. The Treasurer uploads the membership database into the online system. A Username (first+last+###) and a temporary password will be emailed to your email address.

If I do not belong to the Tennis Club,
how do I get access to the system?

IF you choose not to join the Tennis Club, you may pay the approved service charge of $10 per calendar year for 'reservation only' capabilities.

Fill out the request checking that you wish to have 'reservation only' capabilities and mail the request with your $10 annual service charge to the Tennis Club PO Box 224 Green Valley, AZ 85622, OR...
put the request and $10 in the white Tennis Club Box near the doorway in the West Tennis Center Reservation Room.

The Treasurer will account for the fee and the System Administrator will create an account and send you a Username (YourGVRNumber) and a temporary password will be emailed to your email address.

Can any GVR Member get access to the Online Reservation System?

NO! There are many types of GVR Membership including Guest Passes and Annual Guest Cards. To join the tennis club or obtain access to the system, you must have a current Active Annual Membership or a Current Active Tenant Membership. The Name on the GVR Account must be YOURS.

I have a Guest Card - How do I get sign up for a league or reserve a court

GVR Guest Cards allow guests staying with a GVR Member in their home to use GVR facilities. Guests may not obtain services (like the online reservation system or tickets) nor join clubs.

However, If your host has access to the online reservation system, their host may reserve a court for you to use or sign you up for a league or activity - including a Clnic.

If your host does not belong to the Tennis Club nor have access to the Online Court Reservation system, you might consider giving them a membership or access to the system in appreciation of hosting you. Your host would be able to use the online capability for any of their guests for the remainder of the year.

I don't have an email address, may I have an account?

Yes, you may.

However this is an email enabled system. You will not get reminders of your bookings or the Waitlist. You will not be able to automatically reset your password when you forget it? You will need to contact the system manager by phone to get a temporary password


I do not have a computer, how do I access the system?

We have two kiosk computers ready for you to use in the Tennis Reservation Hut.

They are set up to boot up into three tabs....

  1. the player login screen,
  2. a screen for the reservation Display Console, and
  3. the Online User Help screen.

Please Logout and Click on the "Click here to Resume" link when you are finished making a reservation.

You can also use the Library and Computer Club if you belong. You can use a friend's computer, Mac, Windows and Linux computers with a browser work just fine.

Any device which can display the Google search screen should work just fine. So far, we have members who have booked courts using their MAC, Windows and Linux computer, Tablet, iPhone, SmartPhone - (even a TracFone Android), iPad, Kindle Fire and Nook.

Can I select my own Username and password?

Yes! to both. Once you are logged in, go to 'My Profile', Change the box with your current Username to what you want. It must be unique throughout our entire system.

We recommend you use your GVR number for our Username.

You can, also, change your password. You can begin to type your new password in the password box. When you do, a second, 'confirm' box opens up. You need to enter your password exactly the same in both boxes.

If I am a GVR Member and not a Tennis Club Member,
Can I join the tennis club??

You bet. Tennis Club applications are in the tennis hut. Fill out the application, attach the $10 annual fee to the application and drop both in the white metal box inside the Tennis Ramada 'office' to the left of the door as you leave the room.

Once the Treasurer has added you to the membership database and uploaded your information, you will be a tennis club member and emailed a Username (first+last+###) and a temporary password.

To join the tennis club (like all GVR Clubs), you must have a current Active Annual Membership or a Current Active Tenant Membership.

Welcome aboard.

What happens if I do not pay my Tennis Club dues or the Reservation only fee in time?

You will no longer be a Tennis Club Member and your account will be disabled, until you re-join.

I'm a part time Tenant.
What happens to my access when I leave town?

When your Tenant membership expires, your access will be disabled.

When you return and become a Tenant member again, provide the treasurer with your new GVR Number and your account will be re-enabled.

Do we still have Daily Court Sheets to sign in on?

Court Sheets are generated by Tennis Club volunteers from the scheduling system. Signing in on a court sheet is how Tennis gets its headcount which is how Tennis projects are prioritized by GVR.

As of October 1st, Volunteers also collect the used court sheets. They are tallied and the tally and courts sheets go to GVR as well as a copy of the usage to the Tennis Club.

Courts are allocated to Afternoon Tennis activities based upon the number of players signing in.

May I help print and distribute Court Sheets?

Yes you can. It can be done from your home or on one of the Kiosk Computers in the Tennis Reservation Hut. Contact Jon Otto to become part of the team.

The software to build court sheets runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux computers.

To print out court sheets, you will need access to the internet and a browser which allows you to scale the page using print preview.

Daily court sheets for the following day may be printed any time after 10:30 am. They can be delivered to the courts prior to Sundown as East locks up courts at sundonw.

We try to partner a person on the north side of town to deliver Court Sheets to the 4 northern facilities and a person on the south side of town to deliver Court Sheets to the 2 southern facilities. - Either or both can build the courts sheets for the day, as they are also available online.

We have been able to see which courts are reserved
on the White Board in the West Tennis Center Ramada office.
How do we see reservations in the new system?

Anybody can look at the following link to review the court schedule from their browser. http://courts.gvtennis.com/consoledisplay.htm

What time can we reserve a court?

New Courts will become available at 4:30 pm (instead of 12:20) Seven days prior to the day of the court time. Once a court is available it may be booked 24 hours a day.

If a court is not reserved by 10:30 am the day before its use, it will be an Open Court.

Court reservations cannot be changed after 10:30 am the day before its use.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes you can. Click on your reservation then click on the 'Cancel' button, You will be asked if you are sure. Click OK to confirm and your reservation is gone.

This must be done prior to 10:30 am the day prior to the reservation.

You can, then, make another reservation!

If I begin to book a court and someone else books the same court before I finish booking mine,
do I have to start over?

Courts are booked on a first to finish the booking, gets the court. NOT the first to select the court and start the process.

Courts are NOW configured to allow 'members choice' for all except Las Campanas.
If a user selects a court and it is no longer available, the system looks for the 'nearest' available court. Eg. if they selected court 5 it will try courts 4 and 6 first.

Can I reserve the Ball Machine?

Yes you can. If you paid the annual ball machine fee you may reserve the ball machine once 7 days out.

Make sure 'Show Ball Machine Availability' is checked. Select an available timeblock at Las Campanas, Court 2. If you have paid the ball machine fee for the year, you will be allowed to book the court and ball machine.

If you have NOT paid the annual ball machine fee for the year you will denied the reservation.

If you book a court at Las Companas, you will be given Court 1, if it is available, if you have NOT checked the 'Show Ball Machine Availability' Checkbox.

Can I book a lesson with Ray Wardlaw using the system?

Yes, you can. Ray manages his available time in the system.

Select the date and select Ray's Name in the 'Show Availability of Pro' Dropbox under the calendar.

You can book a court which displays Ray's Name in it.

When you book a court with Ray as the Pro, the system sends him an email.

Remember, Ray has a court for lessons assigned to him on Wednesday mornings.

I hear there is a Waiting List?

Yes, there is, but it has a few cautions! If you do not get a court for the time you would like to play, click on Waiting List Select the time range you would like to play, how long (90 minutes normally) and the location(s). If there is an open court that meets your criteria, the system will not allow you to submit a request.

Once you submit your request, the system will check for an available court which meets your request. If a court opens up, the system will send an email to everyone whose request is satisfied by that court.

Remember, YOU only get one reservation. If you have one, you must 'cancel' your current reservation, then complete booking the new court before anyone else. If you are not fast enough, you may cancel your current reservation, someone else books your old court, another player books the new court and you have NOTHING!

PLEASE, be very careful and not toooooo greedy!

Do I have to type in all these links to get to the Schedule system,
every time I make a reservation?

NO! You will be able to find the links on the Tennis Club's site - www.GVTennis.com.
Once you get to the site, save the page in your bookmarks or favorites.

The next time, select the site from your bookmarks or favorites.

If you do not know how to do this, ASK!!!

What happened to greenvalleytc.tennisbookings.com?

The website set up for the Green Valley Tennis Club at Tennisbookings.com is called greenvalleytc.tennisbookings.com. We have create a shortcut for this site called courts.gvtennis.com.

Either link works the same.

Can't I just call someone else to do this for me?

Well, yes you can. Please, consider it a big favor to you!

The Kiosk computers are available whenever the West Tennis Center is open.

We will try to get you to learn to help yourself, it will be faster for you and you will get a better reservation, because the volunteer who will make the reservation for you must wait to get a machine, enter more screens, to select your account, then book the court for you. IT will take longer and you will have less selection via your proxy.

If we make the reservation for you, YOU cannot change it!

We would be happy to teach you. Please, take us up on our offer to teach you.

If I have questions about the Online Reservation system,
who do I contact?

The Current System Administrator for the On-line Reservation system is Jon Otto. Call Jon at 520-207-6456 or email him at Jon.Otto@gvtennis.com

10/01/14 - jdo